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Mazda Bongo Truck – A Compact Campervan For Luxury And Comfort

  1. BONGO 2004 Mazda BONGO

    Precio: USD 3,730

  2. BONGO 2016 Mazda BONGO

    Precio: USD 14,800

  3. BONGO 2021 Mazda BONGO

    Precio: USD 20,600

  4. BONGO 2016 Mazda BONGO

    Precio: USD 15,120

  5. BONGO 2016 Mazda BONGO

    Precio: USD 14,030

  6. BONGO 2016 Mazda BONGO

    Precio: USD 9,350

  7. BONGO 2015 Mazda BONGO

    Precio: USD 12,400

Mazda introduced the first campervan of the world in 1966. It was subsequently produced in two variants, the F800 and the F1000. Additionally, the company created an electric-powered version of the van. It was built on the same engine as Mazda compact vehicle series, the Family. The cars manufacturing ceased in 1975 due to financial difficulties of the Mazda and 1975 emissions control rules.


Mazda bongo with rear-engine was built on the whole chassis. These were very robust and capable of carrying a half-ton. Due to the lack of maintenance and susceptibility to rust, just a few of these bongos are accessible anymore. Both the Mazda Bongo Truck for sale in Kenya and 1000 pickup chassis are very distinct from one another, except for the braking components and the front suspension.




1. Standard air conditioning in the front and back

2. Convenient narrow design with auto-close sliding door for parking in small spots

3. Low insurance prices

4. Plenty of mod-cons




1. Not the greatest fuel economy

2. No swivel seats due to the mid-engine design

3. Early vehicles are prone to rust around the wheel arches.


Mazda Bongo Truck Review




Mazda Bongo is a car that is ideal for daily usage. It is constructed to conventional Japanese specifications and is influenced by the basic design of the Kia Bongo line. This car is similar in appearance to the Mitsubishi Delica and Nissan Vanette. It seems to be rather large due to its increased dimensions. It has a total length of 2600mm and a wheelbase of 2400mm. Despite the increase in all critical dimensions, it kept several design elements from the prior generation vehicle. Comfortable seats enable up to eight people to sit comfortably inside.


Additionally, it provides enough adjustability for the seats, which may be folded down to increase trunk space when not in use for passengers. It comes standard with increased user-friendliness features such as power windows, variable-speed intermittent wipers, door locks, airbags, cargo area rope hooks, and safety kits. Above everything, it is a well-equipped car that enables you to drive more productively.




Mazda Bongo is available in four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive configurations and is powered by a 2.5-liter diesel engine. The diesel engine produces lots of power and torque, more than enough to drive the wheels. It is unmistakably quiet while running, yet still much more powerful than the other versions in the series. This engine generates 120 horsepower and 310Nm of torque. This vehicle is also available in a petrol model, which ensures a smooth ride and superior performance. Its engine can achieve a combined fuel efficiency of 26mpg when paired with the standard four-speed automatic gearbox. It maintains a steady drive with excellent balance and stability. The ride comfort is superb, but the ride quality is much improved. It is completely engaged on the road, maintaining a high level of quality and safety throughout the voyage. Overall, this vehicle will undoubtedly win you over with its pleasurable driving.


Aspects of Luxury


The Bongo Sky Lounge is a swanky minibus. The Bongo was dubbed the E Series in Europe. It established a strong reputation as a resilient mode of people and goods transportation. It was visible in some of the worlds most inaccessible locations, and for numerous years in Japan, it was Mazdas best-selling model. Versions have been created for a variety of business uses, as well as a motorhome. It has exemplified adaptability decade after decade.


The so-called corporate-class minivans are mainly meant for formal usage as a business delivery vehicle. Bongo has been available in Japan since 2000. The automobile has a relatively tall tunnel between the front seats, which houses the automated gear selector, cup holders, and a center compartment for small goods. Two airbags, an audio system, gasoline, a quick automatic gearbox, and central locking, air conditioning, and power mirrors and windows are standard equipment. On request, an all-wheel-drive gearbox can be added.




The Mazda Bongo is available with a 2.0-liter engine producing 101 horsepower or a 2.5-liter engine producing 130 horsepower. Additionally, the vehicle is rear-wheel drive; however, a four-wheel-drive gearbox is available and may be configured at the desire of the customer. Each model of Mazda Bongo is equipped with a strong and durable engine. Even old Bongo engines are so reliable that you may drive the car for a decade or longer. The latest iteration of Bongo has improved, extremely technologically advanced, and upgraded engines. 


Strength and Capability


Mazda Bongo van is an eight-seat MPV. The car is equipped with a basic 2.5-liter turbo diesel engine that provides more than enough power to cruise comfortably between 70 and 80 miles per hour. The vehicle comes equipped with an air conditioning system as standard. The majority of models include power steering, electric mirrors, electric windows, and a convenient rear parking mirror, all of which contribute to the vehicle being a safe, convenient, and comfortable riding option on the market.


On-road performance


Mazda Bongo van is a simple-to-drive and simple-to-use vehicle that provides maximum usefulness for ordinary chores. The driving and handling are comparable to those of an automobile. The rear-view mirror and parking sensor make parking simple. The inside space is ergonomically built, and the driver-centric display and controls make it simple to use during the ride. Mazda Bongo van affordability, fuel efficiency, minimal operating costs, and maximum usefulness make it an intelligent and ideal solution for adventures and leisure activities. Mazda has a solid reputation for dependability and high build quality, and as a result, a Mazda Bongo van is also a powerful competitor in its class.




1. What is the Mazda Bongo price in Kenya?

The price of a Mazda Bongo begins at 2500 USD, however, the price varies according to the type, mileage, and condition of the vehicle.


2. What are some of the typical characteristics of Mazda Bongo?


The Mazda Bongo has a very high center console that divides the front seats of the vehicle; it also has an automatic transmission, a center console, and cup holders. Bongo standard equipment includes:


1. Driver and front passenger airbags.

2. A power steering wheel.

3. An air conditioner.

4. A central locking system.

5. A high-quality MP3 radio system.

6. Electronic mirrors and spectacles.

Additionally, the optional equipment of vehicles includes a television screen.

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