Man TGA 6x6 For Sale

  1. TGA 2003 Man TGA

    Precio: USD 46,146

  2. TGA 2005 Man TGA

    Precio: USD 40,789

  3. TGA 2007 Man TGA

    Precio: USD 54,669

  4. TGA 2004 Man TGA

    Precio: USD 87,299

  5. TGA 2004 Man TGA

    Precio: USD 46,146

  6. TGA 2004 Man TGA

    Precio: USD 48,581

Lower Operating Costs And Higher Load Capacity Are Required Aspects In Man TGA 6x6 For Sale

The world of construction begins to show slight signs of rebirth. MAN wants to lead this change in trend. For this purpose, it presented an assortment of vehicles specifically designed to cater to its client needs. a used car buyer needs to search Man TGA 6x6 for sale because these are specific vehicles available to clients at used car exporter, particularly. the HydroDrive hybrid drive units stood out for their versatility.


Needs Of The Sector

MAN detects sincere signs that the impoverished construction industry may take flight. The few professionals who have survived the crisis endure a really aging vehicle fleet and are more than justified in a panic to invest. However, as soon as the sector begins to rebound, it will be necessary to renew the fleet. Whoever does not, will simply be "out of the business".


As is well known, the TGM and TGS ranges are the vehicles that MAN intends for this world. These highly specialized units have not stopped evolving at the pace set by the needs of the sector. Today, vehicles with lower operating costs and higher load capacity are required. The time of the robust trucks seems to have passed.


Well Loaded Truck

This huge extra-wheel truck has, for example, a steered rear axle, which gives it greater drive controls, as well as a permanent all-wheel-drive system, which includes a gearbox and differential locks. Inside, we find a cabin with two heated and ventilated seats, upholstered in leather and Alcantara fabric, as well as two other auxiliary seats that can be converted into beds. There is no lack of air conditioning, electric windows, cruise control, rear parking assist camera, Garmin navigation system or the steering wheel also upholstered in leather.


This interesting camper offers good insulation from the outside, thanks to thick walls, with insulating material. The cabin is connected to the passenger compartment and both the doors and the windows have central locking and are made of laminated safety glass.


Specifications In Man TGA 6x6 For Sale

"Extended cab with 2 seats + 2 jump seats / bed: Engine 353 kW / 480 HP in Euro 3

All-wheel drive with central differential lock Differential

locks for front and rear axles: leaf suspension Tires

tubeless Tire pressure regulating system: 2 chamber fuel tanks,

Fuel pre-filter with water separator: Car alarm system

2 seats and air suspension 2 folding seats, convertible to bed

Satellite navigation system (GPS): Eye camera Back & Xenon high beams

Integrated air conditioning Roof: rack with branch guard

Rack for 2 spare wheels, mounted on the rear: Left and right reflectors"


Lots of interior components are made of teak or bamboo and there are even cushions lined with Alcantara fabric. In addition, all ambient lighting uses energy-efficient LED technology. The electrical system, by the way, is powered by a battery, which is powered by the energy provided by solar panels. There are, for example, two independent heating systems, as well as USB ports and conventional household plugs, scattered throughout the vehicle. Besides, in an emergency, it has a Honda auxiliary generator. It is equipped with all the accessories you need to become an extreme all-rounder, from guards or remote inflation tires to winches.


Lots Of Luxuries

As you can see or experience, this MAN from Unicat offers wider space for its occupants and does so with all kinds of luxuries. Details regarding electrical power supply or freshwater capacity are not specified, but we do know that it has a large kitchen with burners, oven, refrigerator, freezer, and microwave. There is a generous dining table in the front bedroom/living room and a huge double bed in the rear bedroom. In an intermediate position, we find a complete bathroom, with a sink, toilet, and shower, while the multiple storage spaces are distributed throughout the vehicle. Its Man TGA 6x6 price is a mystery, but surely it will not be cheap.

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