Feel the Power of Station Wagon BMW 318i

BMW is one of the most reputable brands for their high performance and stylish cars. BMW 318i station wagon is the best example. The product qualifies as the most ultimate driving car as it is engineered in a manner that it is breathe taking. Most of the people love to buy this car. Specially in Japanese Car market, BMW 318i 2016, 2015, 2008, 2005, 2004, 2003, & 2001 have great demand. BMW 318i station wagon for sure is known for its extremely comfortable, pleasurable and enjoyable ride.


The basic entry level versions of this car include BMW 318i E36, E46 and F30/F31/F35. BMW 318i has gained extreme popularity in many markets across the globe because of its Because of its stylish look, sporting style and excellent design of exterior parts, The best part is  it is very obvious in every parking lot. The most striking exterior features of this car are the auto lights. The three-cylinder engine of the car is capable of making upto 100kW from 4500rpm and 220Nm of torque from 1250rpm,


Economical Price

You should choose to buy BMW 318i station wagon because of its price. This car comes with a very reasonable price which is a good sign for all the car dealers. You can easily buy this car at a low price with complete accessories that you want in your car.



BMW 318iAnother best advantage is the spacious and roomy interior of this car. The car is fully outfitted with high quality leather seats that give you complete comfort for the driver and for the passengers. This car has plenty of space for leg room and head room .four passengers can comfortably accommodate in this car. Its standard interior features include power windows, air conditioning, reverse sensors, climate control, steering wheel control etc. The dashboard features includes simple stereo, heat control features and optional idrive system. These Features creates more attention. The best part is BMW 318i station wagon is a noiseless car and it is ideal for long-distance journey. You will not perceive sound even when you drive it at the highest speed.



The exterior of BMW 318i station wagon is superb. This vehicle comes with a variety of vibrant colors .These colors makes this car more attractive. This car impresses because of its well-conceived design. It has an elongated roof line lends the outline an air of vitality and self-assurance. It also has a sloping rear windscreen and large windows that provides the passenger compartment a spacious and light appearance.


SafetyBMW 318i

BMW has always made every effort to produce vehicles with high quality safety accessories. These safety accessories will keep you safe and secure from any kind of unfortunate mishaps. Its safety features includes front, side and curtain airbags, stability control that helps to ensure the safety of the passengers in case of accidents, electronic brake force control etc.



BMW 318i is available within price range of 1500 USD to 10000 USD depending upon model, condition and mileage.

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