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Best Affordable Family Cars

  1. SCANIA 2002 Other SCANIA

    Precio: USD 23,925

  2. P-SERIES 2005 Other P-SERIES

    Precio: USD 25,425

  3. VOLVO (Truck) 2011 Other VOLVO (Truck)

    Precio: USD 37,425

  4. P-SERIES 2011 Other P-SERIES

    Precio: USD 31,425

  5. LF 2007 Other LF

    Precio: USD 8,175

  6. CF 2009 Other CF

    Precio: USD 23,925

  7. P-SERIES 2007 Other P-SERIES

    Precio: USD 29,925

  8. FH 2009 Other FH

    Precio: USD 35,925

  9. CF 2012 Other CF

    Precio: USD 32,925

  10. P-SERIES 2008 Other P-SERIES

    Precio: USD 28,425

The process of purchasing a car is not easy as one has to weigh the pros and cons and carry out his research for a successful purchase. The person has to list down his requirements hat what type of vehicle is needed and set a proper budget. But, due to the rise in inflation, it is simply not possible for people to afford a brand new vehicle. So, people prefer buying used vehicles that are in good condition and can be used in the longer run. 

This is why there is an increased demand for used vehicles, but most importantly, the demand for affordable great family vehicles increases each day. Moreover, there is no harm in buying a used vehicle because a good dealer can help you get a reliable vehicle.

People mostly purchase economical cars to take their family on short trips or for daily commute. So, we have listed below the affordable great family cars in excellent condition. Dive in to know more about them!



Top Affordable Great Family Cars

Do not go anywhere else if you are planning to purchase the best affordable family cars in Kenya. We have compiled a list of excellent vehicles.



1.     Toyota Crown 2008/1 Royal Extra I Four

Toyota Motors has always been the favorite automobile manufacturing company of people because of the reliability of the vehicles. The automobile comes with advanced features such as a navigation system, fog lights, a quality air-conditioner, and much more. There are four doors in the vehicle, and it can easily accommodate five people.

Apart from that, the vehicle also offers good cargo space and plenty of legroom space. The vehicle is relatively safe too. So, you do not have to worry about the safety of the people. It comes with airbags, anti-lock brakes, and an advanced navigation system as well.

The car also comes with RHD steering, so stabilizing the vehicle is not an issue anymore.



2.     Daihatsu Move 2009/7

This vehicle is specially manufactured by Daihatsu for families who love traveling together. Thus, its excellent features have grabbed the second spot on our list of affordable great family cars.

It is a 660cc automobile with automated transmission and a turbo engine that can offer 22,097 km of mileage. The model is inexpensive since a used one with good fuel efficiency and many amenities is easy to come by. The vehicle comes with safety features such as dual airbags for the safety of the back seat and front-seat passengers, an excellent antilock braking system, and good steering for handling the car.

 Do not miss out on this car if you are looking for a comfy and safe vehicle.



3.     Kia K5 2011 K5

Kia motors have specially crafted Kia K5 for the comfort of the passengers.

The sporty sedan is worth purchasing thanks to its 180 horsepower turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, thus, making this automobile powerful. The inside features a stunning digital dashboard, a sunroof, and luxurious leather seating. You will not get such an excellent vehicle at this cost.

Furthermore, it provides ample space for the passengers to keep their bags and essentials without compromising their comfort easily. The KIA K5 also provides people with safety and security, so you can take your family and friends anywhere without putting their safety at stake.



4.     Toyota Ist 2002/12 S Aqua Version L Edition

Toyota Motor Corporation has established itself as one of the leading sedan car manufacturing companies. It always tries to develop excellent features, so people enjoy purchasing their vehicle.

This unique vehicle comes with a 1NZ-1LM 1.5-liter engine that offers 89,000 miles per kilometer. It runs on petrol, and its fuel efficiency is also excellent. Moreover, it was manufactured keeping compactness in mind, so it does not take up a lot of parking space. Do not worry! On the other hand, the automobile can comfortably accommodate five passengers without comprising the cargo space.

Moreover, it has five seats, and its curb weight is around 1,030 kg. So, buy this one today!



5.     Mazda 3 2012

The Mazda 3 has a lot of great features that make it a worthwhile purchase. Yes, you should purchase this vehicle if your plan is to ride comfortably. It also has a four-cylinder engine and runs on diesel. This sedan is popular among car enthusiasts since it features a six-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive.

It consists of the left steering type, and the advanced steering makes it easier for the driver to maneuver the vehicle easily.

Due to its heroic qualities, the exterior appears appealing. Mazda was created with care for families who enjoy traveling. The car can accommodate six passengers because the back seats may easily be folded. Moreover, it has a centralized door lock system, making it a safer vehicle.



6.     Honda Freed 2008/8

Honda Motors is another automobile company that manufactures family vehicles. This model is another vehicle that is loved by the audience.

It is a minivan that is capable of accommodating five people. Moreover, the vehicle engine is around 1,490 cc and offers 145,700 km of mileage. So, do not miss buying this vehicle because you can get a top-notch vehicle at this affordable rate. The other features include its air bags, anti-lock braking system and much more.

If you buy this vehicle, the pros will surely outweigh the cons. So, what is the wait?



7.     Nissan Cube 2011/1 15x 

The Nissan Cube is another excellent vehicle that has made it to this list. Thus, the reason is that it has some great qualities as well as a distinctive appearance. The boxy design is purposely designed also to provide additional cargo room, making this vehicle ideal for family vacations.

Furthermore, the seats are relatively comfortable because they are stitched using genuine leather and include headrests, allowing you to relax and enjoy your journey. While it also offers plenty of legroom space too. The long drives are also comfortable because of the vehicle has a fuel capacity of roughly 27 liters and its ability to produce 118 horsepower. Indeed a powerful vehicle!

If you are looking for a family vehicle for road trips, this is the vehicle to get.



8.     Honda Fit 2008/11 Rs Highway Edition

Another production of Honda Motors has made it to the list of affordable great family cars! The reason is that Honda produces a range of high-end vehicles that are reliable and comfortable. This highway edition has a LI5A engine with a size of roughly 1490 cc and runs on petrol. As a result, it can produce a mileage of around 93,000 km.

Furthermore, this vehicle has seating for five passengers and consists of five doors. If you want to go on highway trips with your family or friends, this is your car. Moreover, the vehicle has premium features include airbags, anti-lock brakes, air conditioning, power steering, a navigation system, and much more. So, what is the wait? Grab this model today!



9.     Toyota Succeed Van 2012/1 Ul

If you do not want to buy a sedan car, you can purchase this van instead. A 1NZ engine powers the vehicle, and the size is approximately 1490cc. Moreover, it can also offer a mileage of 32,000 kilometers. Furthermore, it can easily accommodate five to six passengers. They will indeed travel comfortably because the seats are comfortable, and plenty of legroom space to relax. 

Apart from that, the steering type RHD helps stabilize the vehicle. As a result, this vehicle is fairly safe to drive, as it also includes antilock brakes, air conditioning, navigation, power steering, power windows, and much more. This is the reason it has made it to the list of affordable great family cars. So, buy this model today as it is reliable.



Final Thoughts

It is crucial for you to carry out your research well if you want to purchase a vehicle. The reason is that you spend so much money and you do not want to get scammed. So, it is better to contact a reliable dealer who is willing to share all the vehicle details. 

Lastly, we hope you found the vehicle you were looking for! Consider the benefits of each vehicle so you can easily travel with your family. People highly demand these vehicles because of their fuel efficiency and safety features. So, take the decision today because they will be off the list soon.

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