Toyota Vitz 2017-Boosting Your Delightful Journey

  1. VITZ 2017 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 8,057

  2. VITZ 2017 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 5,661

  3. VITZ 2017 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 8,302

  4. VITZ 2017 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 6,258

  5. VITZ 2017 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 8,151

  6. VITZ 2017 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 7,113

  7. VITZ 2017 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 6,684

  8. VITZ 2017 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 8,189

  9. VITZ 2017 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 8,265

  10. VITZ 2017 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 8,123

Toyota Vitz 2017 for sale is a facelifted version of fifth generation model, produced by Japanese carmaker Toyota. It is obviously a smart choice in the subcompact category at very reasonable price. This is the finest entry-level hatchback that meets the demands of active lifestyle. It is available in three- or five-door hatchback configuration. It is offered in three trim options which include L, LE and SE. This vehicle gets a refreshed exterior, near-premium interior and 1.5-liter hybrid engine. The power unit constitutes 1.5L petrol engine along with electric motor, transaxle, inverter and battery pack. It drives brilliantly, offering good level road manners and maximum fuel efficiency. The ride quality is pretty admirable, as it tends to offer a respectable drive in the urban conditions. Overall, it is a nicer car in this class, if you want something more than standard transportation.


Uplifted Version

Toyota Vitz 2017 for sale is substantially a well proportioned car that has subtle exterior and nicely-managed interior cabin. It has plainer styling and sleek appearance that gives it a stalwart niche than many of its contemporaries. The exterior features a redesigned fascia that seems like an evolution of outgoing model. It wears a bigger grille that goes up to its nose, giving it more exciting looks. The front has swooping line of bright work and trapezoidal grille black mesh design texturing. Inside the cabin, it is simple and straightforward, offering good build quality. The interior design is appealing and intuitive, as it has witnessed vast improvement over the previous generations. This hatchback offers ample passenger space and roomier luggage space that enhance the comfort level on the go. It can seat five adults comfortably, offered with ample legroom and headroom for all occupants. The dash has horizontal and shelf-like lines, and it is laid out with logical controls which are simple and easy to understand. Besides, it also includes Safety Sense suite of Toyota which constitute advanced level safety features, ensuring safe and secure drive on the move.



Toyota Vitz 2017 for sale offers competent driving dynamics for this class. Though, this hatchback does not offer class-leading drive, but it truly delivers fine acceleration and drivability. Under the hood, it is mounted with 1.5-liter petrol engine that cranks output power of 106 horsepower and torque of 103 lb-ft. It is mated to either five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission, both of which offer smooth downshifts on the go. This car feels well balanced and sophisticated thanks to its respectable grip levels. The steering is perfectly accurate and precise that offers low speed maneuvering and easy parking duties. The body control is acceptable around the corners and the drivability is much easier. Overall, this hatchback takes the lead over other competitors due to its strong driving characteristics and firm ride experience.



In good-used condition, you can purchase a Toyota Vitz 2017 for sale at the starting price of 10,500USD, although the price varies as per trim, condition and mileage of car.

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