The Hyundai Avante - The Car of Phenomenal Arrival

  1. AVANTE 2014 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 5,700

  2. AVANTE 2017 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 7,350

  3. AVANTE 2016 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 5,950

  4. AVANTE 2016 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 6,600

  5. AVANTE 2007 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 2,440

  6. AVANTE 2011 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 3,750

  7. AVANTE 2014 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 4,950

  8. AVANTE 2017 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 7,026

  9. AVANTE 2015 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 6,431

  10. AVANTE 2010 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 2,879

In the past, Hundai has always been creative when it comes to designing its cars, but now it focus on stability. The brand has to play it a little safer now as they now know what the customer wants, so they work on a car that is customer likes. Over the years the vehicle has carved its mark of differentiation. Hyundai Avente is a smaller in size car that fit urban life.


Turbo-Charged Engine


New turbo-charged engines have been introduced by The Avante that brings versatility as far as selection of engines is concerned. The remarkable fuel efficiency and the smooth drive are the key features of the engine. If we talk about the low points of engine, it has to be oily patches on the ground at your car parking area. It has been working on this factor and is ideal for traffic jammed roads where fuel consumption gets high.


Improvement in Each Generation 

Improvement is seen in each generation of Hyndai Avante. The latest one, sixth generation had a phenomenal arrival. Customer service and price are two vital reasons that a customer will be looking for, that this car best satisfies. It has been noticed that Hyundai Avante is presenting various features at a better price than its competitors Cerato and Vios.


Cargo Space 

When we talk about cargo space, the Hyundai Avante will take your attention. It has a capacity of 14.4 cubic feet. With largest cargo capacity, the trunk wins the game in all the models in its class. For transportation, it is an ideal vehicle with 60/40-split rear seat. It allows movement of heavy items from one place to another with ease.


Generous Features 

As compared to the other vehicle in its class, The Hundayi Avante has better features to offer. The sound system is with six-speaker, with a CD player that brings entertainment on the go. The heated seats, cruise control and USB/iPod interface further brings luxury and comfort. These all smart features make it one of the best choices among people. It offers luxurious style and experienced technology.


Safety Features 

When we talk about safety, top spec SX (O) AT comes with six airbags is the highlight. All trims have four airbags installed inside. The features are designed in such way that teens can safely drive this vehicle. Due to its driver assistance and advanced safety, the Hyundai Avante catches attention.


Apart from that, in case of driver losing control of the vehicle and the handling limits have been exceeded, an automatic sensation called stability control gets activated. In a situation of intense braking, when rotation of the tyres has stopped, ABS brakes automatically respond.


Hence the overall review of Hyundai Avante shows that it is worth a try for those looking for a partner in urban life drive.

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