An Impeccable and Killing Eve: Hyundai Avante 2011

  1. AVANTE 2011 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 3,750

  2. AVANTE 2011 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 4,250

  3. AVANTE 2011 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 5,690

  4. AVANTE 2011 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 4,890

  5. AVANTE 2011 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 5,780

  6. AVANTE 2011 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 5,370

  7. AVANTE 2011 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 3,500

  8. AVANTE 2011 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 4,550

  9. AVANTE 2011 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 4,250

  10. AVANTE 2011 Hyundai AVANTE

    Price: US$ 6,520


Hyundai Avante is the compact sedan and the best selling workhorse all over the world. Hyundai Avante 2011 for sale is interesting and awe-inspiring, better equipped and slightly modified version of previous Avante. The vehicle is encompassing all the advances required to compete with already established rivals in the industry. Class-apart styling, features for performance, efficiency and the interior opulence is striking a unique balance between comfort and luxury.


Fluidic Sculpture


The vehicle is based on quite distinct design philosophy and engineered to represent the true essence of the brand. Variety and value are the key selling aspects of this unique workhorse. Thanks to the incredibly adequate size for making it fun to drive workhorse and design stance. Contemporary modern outlook, sporty looks, and dynamic styling are enhancing the elegance and visual appearance of this unique workhorse.


Efficiency and Drivability


Hyundai Avante 2011 for sale is powered by 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine producing a decent torque output and mileage. The choice between manual or automatic transmission enables it to deliver an estimated 28 or 38 mpg mileage efficiency. Thrifty engine and the good drivability are the value enhancing aspects of this workhorse. Under the hood power configurations and decent driving, dimensions ensure the combination of comfort as well as a luxury at one place.


Salient Selling Points


This South Korean compact car has the potential to surprise or delight the owner. Interesting and exhilarating interior features a raft of advanced high-end technology features. The attractive exterior appearance is influencing buyers to opt for this unique and interesting workhorse. Feature rich, well equipped inside space promises to fulfill buyer expectations. From good fit and finish to use of high-quality material and a comprehensive list of compelling features everything is engineered t make it perform efficiently.


Safe and Reliable


Hyundai cars surround passengers with a comprehensive bundle of features for convenience and safety. The vehicle elegance and classiness is further enhanced by better customer ranking for safety and reliability. Features like Safety airbags; electronic stability system, vehicle stability management technologies, electric power steering and much more are intensively designed to deliver great passenger protection. The use of high-quality material, decent warranty, and good resale value ensure that the vehicle can last longer than its rivals.


Exciting for the Onlooker


Car enthusiast and the adventure seekers find it an interesting and exciting people mover. Bold and aggressive exterior reshaped and refined exterior enable it to create a distinct profile image. The vehicle is available in six trim choices each offering a different set of features and equipment. Easy to use cabin controls, several driver assistance amenities and the spacious seating arrangement for the passengers is something worth mentioning about this people carrier.



Hyundai Avante 2011 for sale is a pretty inspiring efficient and agile contribution in the Hyundai family. The vehicle is bolstering the sales record for the brand for its stylish outlook, fuel efficiency and value enhancing amenities. Hyundai Avante 2011 price against the long list of features and specs is a good value for money.

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