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Toyota Corolla Fielder 2007 Model Review - Price And Specs|Japanese used cars

Toyota Corolla Fielder 2007 Model Review - Price And Specs

Toyota Corolla Fielder 2007 - Powerful Engine Car

The Toyota fielder was introduced in the tenth generation corolla cars in the year 2006. The 2007 version of Toyota fielder was very famous because its shape and performance. The car was available in different engine sizes and you can easily choose the engine according to your requirements.


The Toyota fielder 2007 is also famous for his powerful engine and spacious interior. Besides corolla fielder, all the other corolla models have the maximum seating capacity of 5 people whereas the corolla fielder has the seating capacity of 8 people. The car is assembled in different parts of the world to maintain and ensure the quality.


The Toyota fielder specifications are given below:



Toyota Corolla Fielder 2007The car is available in 1.3 L and 1.6 L petrol engines with the ability to install the gas kit. The car has a wide interior and can be used for long trips with the family. The car is available in both manual and automatic transmissions and you can choose the transmission according to your requirements.


The car is available in different colors and the basic features of the car are Mp3 player, leather seats and power steering. The overall length of the car is 167 inches and the width of this car is 70 inches. With its unique shape and powerful engine, this is one of the best selling cars made by Toyota.


New Zealand Version

In the New Zealand, there is a strong market of Toyota Cars and the Toyota Fielder is also imported there. In the New Zealand market, the names of the models that are very popular are GL and GLX. These models are equipped with all the standard features of the car.


In the New Zealand market, an additional model of Toyota fielder can be found. This model is equipped with 2.0 diesel engines which is very powerful and can be used to drive off-road. So, if you want to have an off-road experience, then you should go for this car.  


Awards and Reviewstoyota corolla fielder 2007

The car has won different safety awards from different international shows and has got 5 star reviews from different auto magazines. The car is famous in many people due to its safety measures.


The car is equipped with al l the latest safety equipment such as seat belts, air bags and ABS brake system. These features make the car safe and you can easily travel with your family and friends without any problem.


This is the best choice when it comes to a station wagon and you should purchase this car because it is a very excellent package at a moderate rate. You can also find second hand Toyota fielder 2007 in the market. The second hand Toyota Fielder also works as a new one and is also equipped with all the latest features.


Fuel Consumption / MPG

Average fuel consumption of Toyota Corolla Fielder 2007 is about 31 mpg.


5.0 1.0 5.0
Photo Model Stock Id: Car Grade: Color: Vehicle Price:  
Toyota Corolla Fielder 2007 TOYOTA COROLLA FIELDER 2007 JE4478 TOYOTA COROLLA FIELDER 2007 Toyota Corolla Fielder 2007
JE4478 1.5X G ED Blue $1,839 Inquire