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Suzuki Alto Review - Price, Specs And Fuel Consumption In MPG|Japanese used cars

Suzuki Alto Review - Price, Specs And Fuel Consumption in MPG

Suzuki Alto - A Brief Review

Alto has been the choice in the Japanese automobile range since long. There were models introduced in Pakistan and China as well, however all the importance that this kei car is facing is due to its presence in the Japanese used car market. The car with Japan’s expert touch is our choice of the day for review as its presence has rocked various markets and it appears to be the most important kei car in many Asian regions. In india, Suzuki Alto 800 lxi was launched in 2012 and since then, it is one of the best selling cars in india. Most popular models of this car includes Suzuki Alto 2013 , 2012 , 2011 , 2010 , 2009 , 2005.


suzuki altoEverything in the car from its style, dimension to configuration is helpful as it requires lowest maintenance costs with the most co-operative fuel economy. The car that is so strong that its first generation is not obsolete in the market has now its latest of inventions in the used car market which is a huge benefit. It is amazing that within the short and limited dimensions of the kei car Suzuki was able to change the style of the car with great expertise. The fifth generation Alto was almost a new style but the sixth generation was evolutionary in the looks history of Alto. With more impressions of kei car, and the most reasonable price tag the Suzuki Alto from 2004 is offering great value. However we will take a look at the fifth generation of the car that started from ’98 and was consistent until 2004. The hatchback nowadays is assembled in Japan and Pakistan as well. Following traits of the car are considerable.


Suzuki Alto Price

The price of the car is perhaps the most important highlight of this car. As most of the reviewers state it, though it is noisy and doesn’t offer any driving extras it is mostly preferable because of the price range it falls in. Since the new car is pretty much an affordable investment, you can imagine that how much of the benefit the used car could be.


Alto Trims

There are basically three body layouts to choose from that are 3-door hatchback, 5-door hatchback and 3-door van. With no difference in the performance the 5-door hatchback is mostly considered the best option with respect to convenience. All three versions of the car offer driving layout of FWD and AWD.



The kei car is powered with a low capacity engine of 0.7L or 1.0L engine with l3 and l4 technology respectively. Both these engines are not great for power as they don’t go beyond 64hp. The transmission pairings however has options. There is 4-speed, 5-speed manual and 3-speed, 4-speed automatic on the transmission instrument. CVT is also an option on the transmission menu.


Interior of Suzuki Alto

If you are not used to a luxury car, this would be an acceptable interior for you but if you are, it might never feel good enough. The plastics used inside are not great in quality and there is nothing interesting on the dashboard. Air conditioning would perhaps be the only luxury factor within the interiors. The trunk is short in size and there are no automatic options.


Suzuki Alto Fuel Consumption / MPG

With insurance and running costs matching to lowest standards in the most automobile markets, this car would always be a good option. The 49.6mpg is a good option with low insurance costs in combination with it.


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5.0 1.0 5.0
Photo Model Stock Id: Car Grade: Color: FOB:  
Suzuki Alto 2007 SUZUKI ALTO 2007 843400 SUZUKI ALTO 2007 Suzuki Alto 2007
843400 E White $700 Inquire
Suzuki Alto 2012 Suzuki Alto 2012
844697 F White $2,600 Inquire
Suzuki Alto 2010 Suzuki Alto 2010 842800 VP White $900 Request Car
Suzuki Alto 2012 Suzuki Alto 2012 844670 VP White $1,650 Request Car
Suzuki Alto 2008 Suzuki Alto 2008
760094 VS White $500 Inquire
Suzuki Alto 2013 Suzuki Alto 2013
845992 F White $3,000 Inquire
Suzuki Alto 2011 Suzuki Alto 2011
795010 G White $1,650 Inquire
Suzuki Alto 2007 Suzuki Alto 2007 840361 E II Rose $690 Request Car
Suzuki Alto 2010 Suzuki Alto 2010
841051 VP White $850 Inquire
Suzuki Alto 2010 Suzuki Alto 2010 843894 VP White $950 Request Car
Suzuki Alto 2014 Suzuki Alto 2014 838081 VP White $5,600 Request Car
Suzuki Alto 2007 Suzuki Alto 2007
843399 E White $700 Inquire
Suzuki Alto 2007 Suzuki Alto 2007
840546 G2 Black $700 Inquire
Suzuki Alto 2008 Suzuki Alto 2008
774327 VP White $550 Inquire