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How to Buy

How to Buy?

Step 1: Select - Find the vehicle you want to purchase.
Our various search engines will help you select a vehicle according to your requirements and preference.
Our Vehicle search engine helps you search by location, make, model, year, price range, and vehicle type.
You can also use our quick search by entering the Make, Name, Model, or Ref No.
You can see the detailed photos by clicking the photos on the pages of our stock list.

Step 2: Order - Click "Buy Now" to reserve your vehicle.
Note: Registration is compulsory for Reservation. If you are not registered yet,
please register now. Make sure that your contact details are accurate.

Detailed Ordering Procedure
Please confirm the import regulations of your country before you advance your purchasing procedure, or ask your sales representative for assistance, if necessary.
When you find the vehicle you want to purchase, go to the page with further information to check its details. Then, select the currency, shipping type, and Export country, and just click "Buy Now" to advance your order.
If you need further assistance, please feel free to talk to our sales representatives.

Confirm Shipping Schedule
As soon as we receive your deposit, SBT will start to arrange the shipping. Please confirm the shipping schedule of your vehicle(s).

Find out the Total cost of the Vehicle

Shipping Cost:
Make sure to select currency, shipping type, and Export country in the page for details to get the freight rate. It will be automatically added to the FOB price.

Cost of Customer Clearance and Import duty.
These charges may vary depending on the country where you live. To confirm these charges, contact your local clearing agent or talk to our experts.

Compulsory Inspection Fee for some countries:
You may have to pay some additional inspection fees for importing a vehicle/vehicles to the countries like Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.  Please check the details from our sales executive

Submit your Order
After you confirm the condition of the vehicle you want and the total cost for your vehicle, submit your order by clicking "Buy Now".
A proforma invoice will be sent to you by email. For prompt shipping, please make your payment as soon as possible.

Step 3: Payment - Receive proforma invoice and pay the required amount by Telegraphic Transfer (Bank Transfer).
WARNING! We strictly advice our customers not to deal with FAKE EMAILS.
Do your PAYMENT Transactions only with the below E-mail address
Correct Email Address:

Note: Please be noted that bank transfer fee will be charged to you by your bank when you make payment to us.
Options to transfer your money
Telegraphic Transfer:
It is the most recommended and the only acceptable method for making payment.
Beneficiary bank account:
All customers should send money only to SBT Co. Ltd. beneficiaries in Japan.
The proforma invoice will tell you to which account you should transfer your money for payment.

Bank Name
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Yokohama Ekimae Branch
Swift Code
Account Number
251-0008956xxxxxxx (seven alphabetic characters as per invoice)
Bank Name
Mizuho Bank Ltd.
Dai5Shuchu Branch
Swift Code
Account Number
xxxxxxxxxx (10 numeric digits as per invoice)

Note: If you find anything suspicious in the invoice, please contact our CSR immediately.
As soon as you complete your payment, please send us a copy of the confirmation receipt of payment to:
   Fax: +81- 45- 290 - 9486.
We will not start to arrange the shipping unless your deposit is confirmed. Full payment, decided based on the mutual agreement, must be made for you to receive a vehicle/vehicle(s). For further information about shipping and payment, please read our  Terms & Conditions Cancellation
In the case where your payment is not confirmed by due date, your order will be cancelled and your deposit (if any) will be refunded.

Step 4: Shipment - Receive your booking details, shipping information and other necessary documentation, and prepare for reception of your vehicle(s).
Confirm the date of departure and arrival for your shipment through 'My Account' on our web site.
Important Documents - The documents you need to receive your vehicle are:
Export Certificate: The original Export Certificate (Japanese) and English Export Certificate (translation provided by SBT).
Customs Invoice: This document is for your local customs department to verify the value of your vehicle.
Bill of Lading (BOL): You need Bill of Lading (BL) receive your vehicle at the Port of Destination (POD).
Other documents may be required depending on your country's regulations. Please consult our sales representatives for additional documents when they are required.

Step 5: Custom Clearance - Contact the local customs clearing agent to let your vehicle(s) clear the customs, and receive your vehicle(s)!

When receiving your vehicle, don't forget to check if the actual condition of your vehicle matches that on the information sheet.
For any inquiries and questions about the condition of your vehicle, feel free to  contact us.

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